The Nebraska Nurses Foundation is excited to launch a practice/clinical grant program for NNA members, designed to provide funding for evidence-based practice, quality improvement or innovation projects conducted within clinical nursing settings.


  1. Grant(s) will be offered once per year and are intended for projects that can be reasonably finished and disseminated within a 12-month calendar period (January 2020 – December 2020).
  2. Each grant will range from $500 – $1000 based on project needs and funds available through the Foundation.
  3. Grant proposals will be accepted between October 1 and December 1 of the calendar tear for funding beginning the next calendar year.
  4. A Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA) member in good standing must be the primary project lead or co-lead.
  5. Fund disbursement will be split with half of the requested funds provided at the onset of the project and the remaining funds distributed with approved and completed dissemination.
  6. Approved applicants must agree to allow NNA/NNF to use their identifying information and project results in marketing materials, the website, and official publications.

Proposal Requirements

  1. The grant is designed to provide funding for new intervention projects that have not yet been initiated or implemented at the clinical or educational department level, that will directly or indirectly influence patient care or nurse/student competence:
    1. Implementation of evidence-based nursing practices (new or revised)
    2. Performance or Quality Improvement project
    3. Innovation project which may include pilot studies/projects
  2. The project must go beyond assessment to the implementation phase with a measured outcome.
Grant Proposal Form