To honor nurses at the end of life . . 

It takes a special person to become a nurse.  In a sense, nursing is a calling, a way of life.  It is appropriate that nurses are honored not only during their career, but also at the end of their life’s journey.

The Nightingale Tribute is intended to be presented by a nursing colleague or friend and scheduled as part of the funeral service in collaboration with the family, funeral home and place of worship as appropriate.  The entire tribute takes only two minutes and can be placed anywhere in the service appropriate to the traditions and beliefs of the recipient’s faith.

Nightingale Tribute Program

Annual Nightingale Tribute

Beginning in 2004, the Nebraska Nurses Association implemented the Nightingale Tribute Ceremony; held annually during the NNA annual award banquet.

Please complete the following information in order for a departed nurse colleague to be remembered this year.